Make 2020 Your Best Travel Year

There’s a saying that says that travelling is the only thing that you buy that makes you richer. That’s why it is important that you plan for it wisely, so you will be able to make the most out of your adventures and make every time and money spent worth it. In this article, we are happy to share with you travel tips to ease you from anxiety, and to make 2020 your best travel year yet.

1. Plan your trips. Whether it’s for your birthday celebration or a trip with your friends during a long weekend, it always helps to have advance knowledge about your dream adventure. Choose a destination, research about the weather, local transportation, accommodation and culture. Knowing these things beforehand most often gives you the best options at fairly considerable prices. Part of the planning also includes your itinerary in your places of interest, which will enable you to have an idea how much time and money you need to prepare for the trip. Consider your arrival and departure times that are convenient for you in relation to your time of check-in and check-out. Travel tip: Book your flights on Tuesdays or Thursdays nights, as these days are mostly the time when airfares are the cheapest, next to the red eye flights.

2. Book online. In the day and age of everything instant, you can take advantage of cheaper rates by booking online. Not only it is convenient, but it also helps you in organizing your trip as most of these online bookings are automatically sent to your mobile calendar, or at least to your emails. And since you get to save from booking online, you can have extra time and money to spare for more shopping, food trips and local adventures! Travel tip: Check the company if online booking requires printing of any voucher or document. This saves you from the hassle when needed on the spot.

3. Local living. Be more of a traveller than a tourist. Spend time reaching out and immersing with the locals, and for sure you will feel that there is more to life than your usual environment. Greet the locals and thank them in their native language, order the city’s pride when it comes to dining and culinary, take long walks instead of taking cabs. All of these do not only give you a sense of identity, but it teaches you respect. Travel tip: Want to experience the ultimate local living? Try

4. Explore new places. Whether you are coming in as first-time visitor or a returning tourist, there is always something new and enjoyable that you can try. Take ferry rides instead of flights, visit lesser popular places and experience more of your destination’s hidden gems. For example, Camotes and Olango Islands in Cebu have been gaining popularity because of its easy going vibe. When in Coron, visit the safari in Busuanga and marvel in the awesome nature experience. Aside from the usual island hopping, rent a motorbike and explore the scenic views and greeneries of El Nido. You can even play basketball with the young locals! Travel tip: Check out local transportation that offers topnotch quality service with local staff, and you’ll get an instant tourguide! Experience these when you ride Jomalia Shipping Corp. when you are in Cebu and Palawan.

5. Pay attention, be astonished and tell it to others. It may not always bethrough social media, but listening to nature, your fellow travellers and toyourself will reveal amazing perspectives that your will for sure be excitedto share to others. There are places that we have been to that we hopewe can record everything that we see such as the rock formations in Coron and the sunsets in El Nido, and these wonders of nature for sure connects to you on a personal level. Travel tip: While it is always nice to
bring your phones and cameras, take some time to disconnect and be present. Remember, rhythm is composed both sound and silence.

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